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2024       Goto reports      

Date Talk Speaker
28 June 2024 AGM followed by 'The Great Houses of Putney' Dorian Gerhold
31 May 2024 Exploring the lives of London's 19th-century poor - The burial ground of St George the Martyr Battersea. Link to site report in Current Archaeology Rachel Williams and Dr Ceri Boston, Wessex Archaeology
26 April 2024 'The calico people', about the calico printers of the Wandle valley. John Sheridan from The Wandle Industrial Museum
22 March (not 29/3 due to Good Friday) 'The Joy of Post-ex: A summary of the post-excavation work so far on Tideway Site 4: Barn Elms' Mike Curnow, Museum of London Archaeology
23 February 2024
(Online via Zoom)
What we can learn from the records of the Wandsworth and Clapham Union Workhouse Adrian Finch
26 January 2024
(Online via Zoom)
14th Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture:
'Before and after the Great Fire of 1666: debunking some myths'
John Schofield

2023       Goto reports      

Date Talk Speaker
24 November 2023 Members' Evening Short talks by members
27 October 2023 An Update on Wandsworth's bid to be London Borough of Culture 2025 Councillor Rex Osborn
29 September 2023 'Layering London's History: Layers of London and the Possibilities of Digital Mapping' Justin Colson, Institute for Historical Research
28 July 2023 '60 years of Archaeology in Wandsworth 1962-2022: important discoveries and iconic finds'. Pamela Greenwood, WHS
30 June 2023 AGM followed by 'New research on Wardley Street, Wandsworth, and the history of Romany Londoners.' Anna Hoare
26 May 2023 Battersea Channel live broadcast: the archaeology of this lost landscape. Mark Stevenson, Archaeology Advisor GLAAS - South London
28 April 2023 'Inspiring women of Battersea' Jeanne Rathbone
31 March 2023 'History of Fulham Palace Moat' Alexis Haslam, Community Archaeologist at Fulham Palace
24 February 2023 'The Mercenary River'. A history of Londons water supply Nick Higham, journalist and author
27 January 2023
(Online via Zoom)
13th Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture:
'Managing the archaeology of Inner London: current issues and new directions'
Sandy Kidd, Team Leader (GLAAS) London & South East Region Historic England

2022       Goto reports      

Date Talk Speaker
25 November 2022 Members' Evening Short talks by members
28 October 2022 'Archaeological human remains from the River Thames: perspectives from Barnes to Battersea' Dr Nichola Arthur, previously at the Institute of Archaeology, University College
30 September 2022 'The Star and Garter Home, Richmond' Laura Irwin (Museum of Richmond)
29 July 2022 'A skeletal portal to the past!' on the work of an osteologist and more Jelena Beklavac, Curator (Human) Osteology, Museum of London
24 June 2022 'Putney and Roehampton in 1665: reconstructing a seventeenth-century community' Dorian Gerhold, WHS
27 May 2022 'Native' neckrings?: New research on torcs from south-eastern Roman Britain in their national and European context. Michael Marshall, Senior Finds Specialist, Museum of London Archaeology
29 April 2022 'Wandsworth Common's history revealed by maps' Philip Boys
25 March 2022
(Online via Zoom)
'Roman Road Infrastructure South of the Borough Channel: an alternative model' Becky Haslam of AOC Archaeology
25 February 2022
(Online via Zoom)
'Making a living from the River Thames' James Wisdom, Chair of Brentford and Chiswick Local History Society
28 January 2022
(Online via Zoom)
12th Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture:
'Crossing the Divide: Roman activity in Putney and Fulham'
Alexis Haslam, Community Archaeologist at Fulham Palace.

2021       Goto reports       (All held online using Zoom)

Date Talk Speaker
26 November 2021 Members' Evening Short talks by members
29 October2021 'Revealing Holywell Priory, Recent Excavations' Matt Edmonds, Pre-Construct Archaeology.
24 September 2021 Growing up in war-time Battersea Carol Rahn
30 July 2021 Making their mark: analysing fingerprints and finger impressions on prehistoric pottery. Meredith Laing, University of Leicester
25 June 2021 'People and Families of the Wandle Valley' Mick Taylor of the Wandle Industrial Museum.
28 May 2021 'Merton Priory - an extraordinary survival' John Hawks, Vice Chair Merton Priory Trust, Founder Merton Abbey Mills, Trustee Wandle industrial Museum.
30 April 2021 Black Lives in Wandsworth's History Sean Creighton
26 March 2021 'Ewell Pits and Quarries', an intriguing Early Roman quarry site Rebecca Haslam of
Pre-Construct Archaeology
26 February 2021 'Heritage on tap: the Young's Brewery archive' Emma Anthony, Wandsworth Heritage Service
29 January 2021 11th Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture:
'Blossom Street, a major multiperiod site in Spitalfields'
Alison Telfer, Project Manager, Museum of London Archaeology

2020       Goto reports

Date Talk Speaker
27 November 2020
(Online via Zoom)
Members' Evening Short talks by members
30 October 2020
(Online via Zoom)
'The Impact of Industrialisation on London's Health' a project studying the bones of Londoners. Jelena Bekvalac, Museum of London
25 September 2020
(Online via Zoom)
The Heathwall, South London's most overlooked underground river. Jon Newman, writer and archivist
March to July 2020 No talks were held due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
28 February 2020 'Caroline Ganley (1879-1966) and the Women's Co-operative Guild in Battersea and Wandsworth' Susan Demont, author
31 January 2020 10th Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture:
'Review of the last year's finds from London in the Portable Antiquities Scheme'
Stuart Wyatt, Arts Scholars Finds Liaison Officer, Museum of London

2019       Goto reports

Date Talk Speaker
29 November 2019 Members' Evening Short talks by members
25 October 2019 The History of Kelmscott House, Hammersmith, the home of William Morris Miranda Poliakoff
27 September 2019 Making [dead] friends and influencing people: local lives in Wandsworth's archives Emma Anthony, Archivist, Wandsworth Heritage Service.
26 July 2019 'The Battersea Channel' Virgil Yendell, geoarchaeologist at MOLA.
28 June 2019 AGM followed by a talk on 'Paul Fourdrinier, master engraver: a Huguenot life in London.' Peter Simpson (independent historian)
31 May 2019 'The Golden Age of Thames Antiquarians' Jon Cotton
26 April 2019 Old London Bridge and its houses Dorian Gerhold,
WHS Chairman
29 March 2019 'WHS Foreshore Survey 2016-2019' a look at new discoveries and changes to the foreshore. Pamela Greenwood,
WHS member
22 February 2019 Doggett's Coat and Badge Rob Cottrell
25 January 2019 9th Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture
'Reflections on fifty years of London archaeology: 1968-2018'
Bob Cowie

2018       Goto reports

Date Talk Speaker
30 November 2018 Members' Evening Short talks by members
26 October 2018 'A Roman Villa in Walthamstow' Shane Maher of
Pre-Construct Archaeology
Extra: Thursday 11 October 2018 at St Mary's Church, Putney 7:30pm 'Thomas Cromwell' Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch
28 September 2018 'Henry Mayhew: pioneering Victorian social explorer' Chris Anderson
27 July 2018 'Plaster, Mortar and Timber Framing. The Fulham Palace Restoration Project' Alexis Haslam, Fulham Palace Community Archaeologist
29 June 2018 AGM followed by a talk on 'Corporal Ted Foster, hero of Wandsworth' Neil Robson, WHS
25 May 2018 'Wimbledon Windmill 150 years' Norman Plastow,
Wimbledon Windmill Museum
27 April 2018 Votes for Women. A talk on the history of the women's suffrage movement, 1866-1928. Elizabeth Crawford,
historical researcher and writer
23 March 2018 (not 30/3 due to Good Friday) The Lost Ferry Crossing at Putney Bridge Dave Saxby of Museum of London Archaeology
23 February 2018 Magic, Murder and Mendacity: John Dee and Thomas Digges in Elizabethan public life Professor Glyn Parry,
Roehampton University
26 January 2018 8th Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture
A sarcophagus and a Roman Road in Southwark: Excavation at 25-29 Harper Road
Ireneo Grosso of
Pre-Construct Archaeology

2017       Goto reports

Date Talk Speaker
24 November 2017 Members' Evening Short talks by members
27 October 2017 Liquid Assets: Interpreting the Prehistoric Finds from the London Thames Jon Cotton
29 September 2017 Wandsworth, whitebait and the Thames fisheries Roger Williams, author and publisher
28 July 2017 'Merton Priory' Dave Saxby of Museum of London Archaeology
30 June 2017 AGM followed by a talk on 'The Putney Debates' Dorian Gerhold, WHS
26 May 2017 Enderby Wharf and the Trans-Atlantic Telegraph Richard Buchanan, Southwark and Lambeth Archaeological Society
28 April 2017 'The First World War memorial in Summerstown and its 182 stories' Geoff Simmons
31 March 2017 The 'Transforming Orleans House Project' Natalie Rhodes, Orleans House Gallery
24 February 2017 Henry Maudslay and his circle David Waller - author, business consultant and former Financial Times journalist.
27 January 2017 7th Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture

'Discovering Roman Southwark'

Harvey Sheldon

2016       Goto reports

Date Talk Speaker
25 November 2016 Members' Evening Short talks by members
28 October 2016 Excavations at Brandon House in Southwark Chris Mayo of Pre-Construct Archaeology
30 September 2016 Henry Smith - 17th century man of business, moneylender and philanthropist. Lucy Lethbridge
29 July 2016 'A Wandsworth Foreshore Miscellany' - recent discoveries by WHS along the Wandsworth foreshore Dr Pamela Greenwood
24 June 2016 AGM followed by 'The Great Fire of London of 1666' - a talk with readings Dorian Gerhold & others
27 May 2016 Liverpool Street station Crossrail site Alison Telfer of MOLA
29 April 2016 'Blueprint for Living' - The Story of the Fitzhugh Estate, Wandsworth Sharon O'Neill
1st April 2016 (not 25/3 due to Good Friday) X-Ray Investigations into the Impact of Industrialisation on London Health. Jelena Bekvalac, Museum of London
26 February 2016 The first saints in Clapham - radical puritan merchants in the 17th century. Timothy Walker
29 January 2016 6th Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture

The Late Roman Cemetery at Trinity Street, Southwark.

Douglas Killock

2015       Goto reports

Date Talk Speaker
27 November 2015 Members' Evening Short talks by members
30 October 2015 'A load of old rubbish: Artefacts from the Walbrook valley and life in Early Roman London'. Michael Marshall, Museum of London Archaeology
25 September 2015 'Meet the Huguenots'.
'A presentation reflecting the courage, skills, and legacy of the Huguenots'.
Charlie de Wet, Chair of the Huguenots of Spitalfields.
31 July 2015 'A journey from Battle Bridge to King's Cross: the archaeology and history of a London suburb'. Rebecca Haslam,
Pre-Construct Archaeology
26 June 2015 AGM followed by 'Downstream: A History & Celebration of Swimming the River Thames'. Caitlin Davies, Author & Journalist
29 May 2015 'Using the Greater London Historic Environment Record'. Stuart Cakebread, Greater London Historic Environment Manager, Historic England.
24 April 2015 'Slave-owners of Wandsworth: legacies of British slave-ownership in the Borough'. Nick Draper, University College London. Research Associate of the Legacies of British Slave-Ownership project.
27 March 2015 'Tabard Square Revisited'. Dougie Killock
27 February 2015 Wandsworth's war - surviving signs of World War 2 in the Borough. Alan Brooks, WHS member
30 January 2015 5th Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture

Roman Sculpture

Francis Grew, Senior Curator of Archaeology, Museum of London

2014       Goto reports

Date Talk Speaker
28 November 2014 Members' Evening Short talks by members
31 October 2014 'Lions on Kunulua - excavations of Early Bronze and Iron Age periods at Tell Tayinat, Hatay, Turkey'. Dr Fiona Haughey from the project.
26 September 2014 'Zeppelin nights: London in the First World War'. Jerry White, acclaimed author of books on eighteenth-, nineteenth- and twentieth-century London.
25 July 2014 '50 years on the Foreshore' - marking WHS's half century of recording the local foreshore. Pamela Greenwood, WHS.
27 June 2014 AGM followed by 'Streatham's History through its Built Environment' Brian Bloice, Chairman of the
Streatham Society
30 May 2014 'Kings Cross Goods Yard: An Historical and Archaeological Approach' Rebecca Haslam,
Pre-Construct Archaeology
25 April 2014 'Battersea in the frame - a short cinematic history'.
Project website
Aileen Reed, member of the Survey of London team and the Cinematic Geographies of Battersea project.
28 March 2014 'The Heritage of Tooting Common'.
More Details Here.
Hannah Pemberton, Parks Development and Fundraising Officer for Wandsworth Council.
28 February 2014 'The excavation of medieval London waterfront properties, from Swan Lane to Billingsgate'. Dr John Schofield, historian and archaeologist of medieval and Tudor London.
31 January 2014 4th Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture

'New discoveries from the Mithras Temple site - The archaeology of Bucklersbury House/Bloomberg Place'.

Michael Tetreau and Jessica Bryan,
Museum of London Archaeology

2013       Goto reports (Nov only)

Date Talk Speaker
29 November 2013 Members' Evening Short talks by members
25 October 2013 Recent Archaeological Work in Southwark Dr Chris Constable,
Senior Archaeology Officer,
Southwark Council
27 September 2013 'London plotted: maps and plans of London buildings c.1585-1720.' Dorian Gerhold,
WHS Chairman
26 July 2013 Excavations at 8-10 Moorgate, City of London Alison Telfer, Museum of London Archaeology
28 June 2013 AGM followed by 'Albert Hill: Tooting's Olympian' Kevin Kelly, Herne Hill Harriers
31 May 2013 Roman Staines Nick Pollard,
Spelthorne Museum
26 April 2013 Fixing the Image: The Mapping of London 297-1900
(Held in Spread Eagle Pub as unable to access Friends Meeting House)
Peter Barber,
Head of Maps, British Library
22 March 2013 (not 29/3 due to Good Friday) In the Footsteps of Thomas Hardy: the Archaeology of St Pancras Burial Ground Phil Emery
Gifford (now part of Ramboll)
22 February 2013 The History of London Underground Barry Lejeune,
Friends of London Transport Museum
25 January 2013 3rd Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture

New Light on Roman Putney

Pamela Greenwood,
WHS Member


Date Talk Speaker
30 November 2012 Members' Evening Short talks by members
26 October 2012 50 years of the WHS Archaeology Group Pamela Greenwood,
WHS Member
28 September 2012 'The Secret History of London's Streets' Jaime Taylor,
TV Producer
20 July 2012 (moved from 27/07 due to London Olympics Opening Ceremony) An 'Enlightening' Discovery of Skeletal Remains from Excavations at the Royal London Hospital Jelena Bekvalac,
Dept of Human Osteology,
Museum of London
29 June 2012 AGM & Samuel Leigh's Panorama of the Thames from Westminster to Richmond 1829 Phillippa Heath, Richmond Museum
25 May 2012 Excavations at the British Museum Rebecca Haslam,
Pre-Construct Archaeology
27 April 2012 The Great Houses of Putney Dorian Gerhold, WHS Chairman
23 March 2012 Excavations at Fulham Palace Phil Emery, Gifford
24 February 2012 The X Factor in History: The Story of Wandsworth's Low-Born Meritocrats Penelope Corfield,
Emeritus Professor of History,
University of London
27 January 2012 2nd Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture

The Bridgettine Abbey and the Formal Gardens of Syon House: Excavations 2004-11

Harvey Sheldon,
Birkbeck College


Date Talk Speaker
25 November 2011 Members' Evening Short talks by members
28 October 2011 Riverside Archaeology in Wandsworth in 2011.
A chance to handle some of the finds
Pamela Greenwood and Bob Wells,
both of WHS
30 September 2011 Wandsworth & the Detectives: How Events in Wandsworth Led to the Creation of Scotland Yard Dr Bob Morris,
Former Office Civil Servant and Author
29 July 2011 Down by the River: the Work of the Thames Discovery Programme Nathalie Cohen,
Thames Discovery Programme
24 June 2011 AGM & Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill Michael Snodin,
Former Head of Design at the V&A
27 May 2011 Trouble and Strife Along the Prehistoric Thames Jon Cotton, Museum of London
6 May 2011 (moved from 29/04 due to Royal Wedding) Entertainment in Battersea 1850-1914 Aileen Reed, English Heritage
25 March 2011 Thames Tunnel: the Archaeological Impact on Wandsworth Suzanne Burgoyne, Thames Tunnel Project
25 February 2011 A Battersea Burns Night: John Burns and the 1909 Town Planning Act Lester Hillman, Town Planner
28 January 2011 1st Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture

Archaeological Excavations in the Point Pleasant Area

Chris Jarrett, Pre-Construct Archaeology


Date Talk Speaker
26 November 2010 Members' Evening Short talks by members
29 October 2010 500 years of Tin-glazed Tiles in London, the Low Countries & Spain Ian Betts, Museum of London
24 September 2010 Queen Mary's Hospital Roehampton: Review of Oral History Project 1945-2000 Gordon Jones, Archivist
30 July 2010 AGM & Iron Age Finds in Wandsworth Pamela Greenwood and Bob Wells (Both of WHS )
25 June 2010 AGM & Screening of Common Voices DVD: Clapham Oral History Project Sheena Callender, Big Up Films
28 May 2010 Thames Discovery Programme Natalie Cohen,
Thames Discovery Programme
30 April 2010 Wandsworth's Cemeteries Dale Ingram, Conservationist
26 March 2010 Archaeological Discoveries at Fulham Palace Phil Emery, Gibbards
26 February 2010 Victorian Housing in Bolingbroke Grove and Between the Commons Colin Thom, Survey of London
29 January 2010 Recent Roman Discoveries in London Alison Telfer, MOLA


Date Talk Speaker
27 November 2009 Members' Evening Short talks by members
30 October 2009 A Century of Archaeology in Egypt Jeffrey Spencer, British Museum
25 September 2009 Brunel in Battersea: Boots, Boats and Bankruptcy Simon McNeill-Ritchie, WHS Member
31 July 2009 St Bride's Crypt Population: Much to Aspire To! Jelena Bekvalac, Museum of London
26 June 2009 AGM & Historic Clapham Michael Green, Author
29 May 2009 The Thames Discovery Programme Natalie Cohen,
Thames Discovery Programme
24 April 2009 The Brewer, the Princess and Richmond Park: the story of a local 18th century campaigner Mark Lankester,
The Friends of Richmond Park
27 March 2009 Early Wandsworth Pamela Greenwood, WHS Member
27 February 2009 An Art Deco block, Du Cane Court, Balham: its history, Japanese garden and celebrity residents Greg Vincent, Author
30 January 2009 Early Andalusia Alexander Fuentes, WHS Member


Date Talk Speaker
28 November 2008 Members' evening Short talks by members
31 October 2008 Drapers' Gardens - A Major Roman Site in the City Neil Hawkins, Pre-Construct Archaeology
26 September 2008 The Story of the Royal Victoria Patriotic Building Simon McNeil-Ritchie, WHS member and author
25 July 2008 5th Century Burial Site at St Martin-in-the-Fields Alison Telfer,
Museum of London Archaeology Service
27 June 2008 AGM & The Boys' Brigade: 70th London Company Chris Buss, Wandsworth Council
30 May 2008 Excavations at the Castle Pub Site, Putney Dr Marit Gaimster, Pre-Construct Archaeology
25 April 2008 The Survey of London: Battersea Prof Andrew Saint,
General Editor of the Survey of London
28 March 2008 Batteries, Barracks and Batman - Coalhouse Fort Tilbury Jon Catton,
Director Coalhouse Fort Project
29 February 2008 A Ramble around the History of Tooting John Rattray,
Tooting Local History Group
25 January 2008 A History in Bones, Chelsea Old Church Jelena Bekvalac, Museum of London


Date Talk Speaker
30 November 2007 Members' Evening Short talks by members
26 October 2007 Medieval Manors in Surrey Dennis Turner
28 September 2007 Medieval Surrey - an Overview Richard Savage,
Surrey Archaeological Society
27 July 2007 Roman and Saxon Archaeology and the site of St Matins-in-the-Fields Alison Telfer,
Museum of London Archaeology Service
29 June 2007 AGM & The 25th London Regiment (Cyclist Battalion) Keith Whitehouse, WHS member
25 May 2007 Nonsuch Palace Jeremy Harte, Bourne Hall Museum, Ewell
27 April 2007 Pubs of Wimbledon Village Clive Whichelow, The Wimbledon Society
30 March 2007 Putney in 1665 Dorain Gerhold, WHS member
23 February 2007 Mortlake Tapestry Works 1618-1703 Maisie Bown
26 January 2007 Public meeting to protest about the closure of Wandsworth Museum n/a


Date Talk Speaker
24 November 2006 Members' Evening Short talks by members
27 October 2006 Nicholas Crisp's House in Hammersmith David Jamieson,
Museum of London Archaeology Service
29 September 2006 Anna Larpent's Diary Mary-Ann Garry, Local Historian
28 July 2006 Ice-Age - With special reference to our area Barbara Silva, National Ice Age Network,
Royal Holloway College
30 June 2006 AGM & 'Magic Lantern to Multiplex' - The History of Cinemas Richard Gray
26 May 2006 An Over-view of Roman Surrey with a comparison between the Roman Settlements of Ewell and Staines Frank Pemberton,
Epsom and Ewell Society
28 April 2006 The Wandle Mills ?
31 March 2006 Recent Excavations at Merton Priory David Saxby,
Museum of London Archaeology Service
24 February 2006 Home and Family in Tudor and Stuart London Vanessa Harding, Birkbeck College
27 January 2006 Re-inventing the Middle Ages: The Museum of London's New Medieval London Gallery John Clark,
Museum of London Early Department


Date Talk Speaker
25 November 2005 Members' Evening Short talks by members
28 October 2005 Scratch talks to replace booked speaker Dorian Gerhold, Neil Robson, WHS members
30 September 2005 The History and Architecture of Shops and Shopping Brian Bloice. Local Historian
29 July 2005 The History of Archaeology in Surrey David Bird. Surrey County Archaeologist
24 June 2005 AGM & Liquid Assets - the best of British Lidos Janet Smith, Secretary of WHS
27 May 2005 Winchester Palace, Southwark Bruce Watson,
Museum of London Archaeology Service
29 April 2005 From George Eliot to Queen Mary - the Making of Modern Southfields Neil Robson, Editor Wandsworth Historian
25 March 2005 Good Friday - No Meeting n/a
25 February 2005 The Industries of Wandsworth. 1635-1800 Dorian Gerhold, Vice-Chairman WHS
28 January 2005 Saxon Royal Burials at Southend - recent spectacular finds Robert Cowie,
Museum of London Archaeology Service


Date Talk Speaker
27 November 2004 Members' Evening Short talks by members
29 October 2004 Excavations at Merton Abbey - an update Dave Saxby,
Museum of London Archaeology Service
24 September 2004 Pepys in Clapham - recent research Michael Green, member Clapham Society
30 July 2004 The Roman Site at Shadwell Alistair Douglas, Pre-Construct Archaeology
25 June 2004 AGM & A Journey In Victorian London Neil Robson, Editor Wandsworth Historian
28 May 2004 The Riverside Monastic Landscape of West London Robert Cowie,
Museum of London Archaeology Service
30 April 2004 Early Road Carriers,
with Pictures
Dorain Gerhold,
Patrick Loobey
26 March 2004 The Craig Telescope, Wandsworth Common and the Big Dig Greg Smye-Rumsby,
Orpington Astronomical Society
27 February 2004 More than Morris: the artistic heritage of Hammersmith and Fulham Jane Kimber,
Borough Archivist of Hammersmith & Fulham
30 January 2004 Recent Roman Discoveries in Southwark and East London Dougie Killock, Pre-Construct Archaeology


Date Talk Speaker
28 November 2003 Members' Evening Short talks by members
31 October 2003 Riverside Parish Churches Natalie Cohen,
Museum of London Archaeology Service
William McMurray and the Wandsworth Paper Mills
Professor Alan Crocker
25 July 2003 The Archaeology of Prices Candle Works and the Bishop of York's House at Battersea Karl Hulka, Pre-Construct Archaeology
27 June 2003 AGM & Stagecoach Travel Dorian Gerhold, WHS Chairman
30 May 2003 A Roman Building at West Street, Carshalton Jeff Perry, Sutton Archaeological Services
25 April 2003 Salubrious Homes for the Working Classes - The Shaftesbury Estate Carole Pountney, WHS Member
28 March 2003 Reconstructing Roman Water-Lifting Devices from the City Jenny Hall, Museum of London
28 February 2003 'Education for Democracy': Battersea, Albert Mansbridge and the formation of the Workers Educational Association (WEA) Sean Creighton, WHS member
31 January 2003 The Roman Port of London Bruce Watson,
Museum of London Archaeology Service


Date Talk Speaker
29 November 2002 Members' Evening Short talks by members
25 October 2002 40 Years of Archaeology in the Borough,
The 40th anniversary of the WHS Archaeological Group
Pamela Greenwood, WHS member
27 September 2002 Digging for victory in war-time Wandsworth and Battersea Neil Robson, WHS member
26 July 2002 Richmond Palace, recent archaeological work Robert Cowie,
Museum of London Archaeology Service
28 June 2002 AGM & Exhibitions at White City 1908-1914 Keith Whitehouse, WHS member
31 May 2002 The London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre (LAARC) John Shepherd, Museum of London
26 April 2002 'Everyman for Everyman - Himself Included',
Friendly Society orders in England 1793-1912
Roger Logan, WHS member
29 March 2002 Good Friday - No Meeting n/a
22 February 2002 History and development of the Mounted Police from 1870 Chris Forrester,
formerly of the Mounted Police
25 January 2002 London Bridge, the archaeology and other aspects of the bridge Bruce Watson,
Museum of London Archaeology Service


Date Talk Speaker
30 November 2001 Members' Evening Short talks by members
26 October 2001 A New Look at Prehistoric London,
To coincide with the new Prehistory Gallery
Jon Cotton, Curator,
Early Department, Museum of London
28 September 2001 Transport in old Postcards Pat Loobey, WHS Chairman
27 July 2001 The Roman Invasion of Britain - A Different View David Bird, Surrey County Archaeologist
29 June 2001 AGM & The 1951 Festival of Britain Exhibition and the Battersea Festival Gardens Pat Loobey, WHS Chairman
25 May 2001 The Roman Temple in Greenwich Park,
Recent work with 'Time Team' at this site
Harvey Sheldon, archaeological consultant
27 April 2001 Wandsworth and Battersea Battalions of the Great War, a history of the two Pal's Battalions raised in 1915 by these Councils Paul McCue
30 March 2001 A Sojourn in Swedish Archaeology Scott MacCracken, archaeological consultant
23 February 2001 'Seventeen Bridges to Wandsworth'
'E Boat Alley - the Wandsworth Collier Fleet in WWII'
Brian Sturt, gas historian
Craig MacCraiger, Wandsworth Society
26 January 2001 The Spitalfields Excavations,
The later archaeology on the site shown on 'Meet the Ancestors'
Chris Thomas,
Museum of London Archaeology Service


Date Talk Speaker
24 November 2000 Members' Evening Short talks by members
27 October 2000 London Bridge City Excavations,
An important Medieval and Tudor site
David Saxby,
Museum of London Archaeology Service
29 September 2000 Wandsworth Borough's Local history Library Julie Gregson, the new Borough Archivist
28 July 2000 Thames Living History Mike Webber, Thames Archaeological Survey
30 June 2000 AGM & Early Advertising in Southfields Neil Robson, WHS member
26 May 2000 The Roman Cemetery at Spitalfields,
More on the famous cemetery shown in 'Meet the Ancestors'
Jenny Hall,
Early Department, Museum of London
28 April 2000 The South Middlesex Rifle Volunteers,
Forerunners of the Territorial Army with Companies in the Borough
Keith Whitehouse,
Chairman of Fulhan and Hammersmith Historical Society
31 March 2000 The Archaeology of Whaling in London Alan Pipe, Museum of London Specialist Service
25 February 2000 A Stroll Through Edwardian Streatham John W Brown, WHS member
28 January 2000 A Circular Temple at Wanborough,
on the more recent work at this well-known Romano-British site
David Williams, Surrey Archaeological Society


Date Talk Speaker
26 November 1999 Members' Evening Short talks by members
29 October 1999 Mr Lawrence's Golden Age of Thames Finds Jon Cotton,
Prehistory Curator, Museum of London
24 September 1999 A little Known Picture of the Past - from the Parish Registers of Putney and Wandsworth Jim Slade, secretary of WHS
30 July 1999 Saxon Putney and Wandsworth Revisited - debate Dorian Gerhold, Pamela Greenwood, WHS members
25 June 1999 AGM & a talk (unknown) ?
28 May 1999 The Archbishop of York's Battersea Manor House,
on the recent archaeological and historical work at Prices's Candle Factory
Duncan Hawkins, archaeological consultant
30 April 1999 Cinemas and Theatres in the Borough Patrick Loobey, WHS Chairman
26 March 1999 The Archaeology of Kingston and the Museum Refurbishment Paul Hill, Kingston Museum
26 February 1999 Westminster Hall: 1099-1999 Dorian Gerhold, WHS member
29 January 1999 Childrens Past-times from Past Times Geoff Egan, Museum of London Specialist Service


Date Talk Speaker
27 November 1998 ? ?
30 October 1998 Saxon London, an update on recent excavations Robert Cowie,
Museum of London Archaeology Service
25 September 1998 Battersea Poor and the Workhouse in the 19th Century Jeremy Clarke, Wandsworth Museum
31 July 1998 Archaeological discoveries at Eaton Boating Lake site Oxford Archaeological Unit
26 June 1998 AGM & Members' Evening Short talks by WHS members
29 May 1998 Update on the results of the Society's work on the Thames Foreshore Pamela Greenwood, WHS member
24 April 1998 The Meeting Place of the Brixton Hundred Graham Gower, local historian
27 March 1998 The Archaeology of the medieval Horse and its equipment John Clark,
Early Department, Museum of London
27 February 1998 A Thousand Miles in the Footsteps of medieval Pilgrims: the History and Monuments of the Road to Compostela Kate Nichol, WHS treasurer
30 January 1998 Recent Work by the Thames Foreshore Survey Jon Binns and colleague


Date Talk Speaker
28 November 1997 Water for Life - a talk polluted by jokes, on London's Water Supply Derek Gooding, Education Officer, Kew Bridge Steam Musem
31 October 1997 No. 1 Poultry, the large 'Mappin and Webb' site in the city A member of MOLAS
26 September 1997 Charlie Chaplin - the actor's early days in the Vauxhall/Nine Elms area Zoe Brooks, Executive Director of Vauxhall St Peter's Heritage Centre
25 July 1997 Chinese Porcelain Chris Jarrett, Newham Museum Service
27 June 1997 AGM & The artist's eye on the villages of Wandsworth Pat Astley Cooper, Wandsworth Museum
30 May 1997 Update on the Thames Foreshore Survey Mike Webber, Survey Field Office
25 April 1997 Social Housing in South London: History and Architecture Brian Bloice
28 March 1997 Good Friday - No Meeting n/a
28 February 1997 Cinemas in Britain and in The Borough of Wandsworth Richard Grey & David Trevor-Jones, Cinema Theatre Association
31 January 1997 The Roman villa at Piddington, near Northampton Roy Friendship-Taylor, the excavator


Date Talk Speaker
29 November 1996 The Florence Nightingale Museum Alex Attewell, the Curator
25 October 1996 Presenting the past: The New Roman Gallery at the Museum of London Jenny Hall, senior assistant curator, Early Deprtment, Museum of London
27 September 1996 John Temple Leader - MP for Westminster who owned and developed one of the largest land-holdings in Putney in the 19th century Rev Derek Vidler of St Simon's Church, Putney
26 July 1996 Guildford Castle excavations ?
28 June 1996 AGM & The London Ice Trade Dr Michael Essex-Lopresti
31 May 1996 The Blue Star Garage excavation, Putney ?
26 April 1996 The History of St Paul's Church, Wimbledon Park, 1896-1996 Elizabeth Simon, WHS member
29 March 1996 Excavations at the Cistercian Abbey of Stratford Langthorne Ken McGowan, archaeological officer, Newham Museum Service
23 February 1996 St Pancras Vestry John Richardson, Camden Local History Society
26 January 1996 The Thames Foreshore Survey - the archaeology between the high and low water marks Michael Webber, project officer, English Heritage


Date Talk Speaker
24 November 1995 Conservation in Wandsworth Borough John Webb
27 October 1995 London's Bronze Age Trackways Frank Meddens, Newham Museum Services
29 September 1995 Edwardian Brixton Bill Linskey
28 July 1995 Greater London in the Roman Period David Bird, County Archaeologist for Surrey
26 May 1995 New Views on London's Prehistory Jon Cotton, Museum of London, Early Department
28 April 1995 The Building of the Great Westminster Clock - the Rise and Fall, and Rise Again of Big Ben Viscount Midleton, WHS Vice President
28 March 1995 Medieval Putney Revealed Nick Fuentes, WHS
24 February 1995 Victorian and Edwardian Athletics in Wandsworth Kevin Kelly
27 January 1995 The Thames Foreshore Project: Recording the Archaeology of London's Foreshore Gustav Milne, London Archaeological Research Faculty, University College


Date Talk Speaker
25 November 1994 The Surrey Iron railway - the Worlds first public railway Patrick Loobey, WHS
28 October 1994 The Roman Amphitheatre, Saxon Buildings and Other Discoveries on the Guildhall Site Nick Bateman, Museum of London Archaeology Service
30 September 1994 New Museum Project (Wandsworth) Pat Astley Cooper
29 July 1994 John Dwight and the Fulham Pottery Chris Green, now of St. Albans Museum
24 June 1994 AGM & Allfarthing and Doune in the 14th century Rita Ensing, WHS
27 May 1994 An archaeological talk Pamela Greenwood & Nick Fuentes, WHS
29 April 1994 Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Surrey - The Neolithic ritual site at Shepperton and major sites at Brooklands and Thorpe Lea Phil Jones, Surrey County Council
25 March 1994 Saxon London Robert Cowie, MOLAS
25 February 1994 Battersea Old Town in it's various guises Ms Jo Stanley
28 January 1994 The development of the windmill in social and mechanical contexts Norman Plaistow


Date Talk Speaker
26 November 1993 This Extraordinary Mission - the story of the Catholic Church in 19th century Wandsworth Richard Milward
29 October 1993 Drawing on Archaeology: months spent excavating in Iraq, Egypt and Crete Imogen Grundon, WHS
24 September 1993 I Spy Local History Mike Bull, WHS
30 July 1993 Recent Archaeological Excavations in Wandsworth - by the Museum of London Duncan Hawkins, MOLAS
25 June 1993 AGM & Collecting Local History Pat Astley Cooper & Sue Barber
28 May 1993 From Gnomes to Neutrons - a light hearted study of ancient pottery from the 15th century to the present Clive Orton, Institute of Archaeology & Editor of the London Archaeologist
30 April 1993 Road Transport before the Railways Dorian Gerhold, WHS
26 March 1993 The Rise and Fall of Roman London Dominic Perring, English Heritage, London Division
26 February 1993 History of Fulham Bridge and Putney Bridge Keith Whitehouse
29 January 1993 Excavations of a Jacobean Garden - recent work at Eagle House Geoff Potter, MOLAS & Rita Ensing, WHS


Date Talk Speaker
27 November 1992 Woman Stained Glass Artists Peter Cormack
30 October 1992 Roman Coins in London - a look at the ordinary and the idiosyncratic Mike Hammerson, Museum of London staff
25 September 1992 Wandsworth Prison 1850 - 1970 Stewart McLaughlin
31 July 1992 The Iron Age Settlement by the Hogsmill River, near Kingston: two important excavated sites are put in their regional context Robin Nielsen
26 June 1992 AGM & Development of European Horology 1275 - 1850 Viscount Midleton, WHS Vice President
29 May 1992 Egyptology - an introduction David Lewis
24 April 1992 Transport in Wandsworth Patrick Loobey, WHS
27 March 1992 A Reappraisal of Roman Putney Nicholas Fuentes, WHS
28 February 1992 Members evening Short talks by members
31 January 1992 New Troy - the Archaeology of Legendary London John Clark, Museum of London staff


Date Talk Speaker
29 November 1991 'From open fields to a London park' Tony Shaw
25 October 1991 Merton Priory Excavations Simon Mason & Penny Bruce
27 September 1991 ? ?
26 July 1991 Excavations at Charter Quay, Kingston Robin Nilson
28 June 1991 'Roehampton 1600 -1800. An unstable landscape' Dorian Gerhold, WHS
31 May 1991 AGM & 'A quest for the historical King Arthur and his relationship with the London Area' Nicholas Fuentes, WHS
26 April 1991 Old views of Wandsworth Patrick Loobey, WHS
29 March 1991 ? ?
22 February 1991 ? ?
25 January 1991 Roman Burials in London ?

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