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26 January 2018

8th Nick Fuentes Memorial Lecture

A sarcophagus and a Roman Road in Southwark: Excavation at 25-29 Harper Road

Ireneo Grosso of Pre-Construct Archaeology.

Ireno said that this was the first talk that has been given about this site, which in the Roman period would have been to the south of the main settlement of Southwark on 'the mainland', the main urban area being on 2 islands to the north. This site is close to a number of others that have revealed significant Roman remains.

The excavation had 4 trenches on a long narrow site which is being redeveloped. Much had been truncated by modern concrete foundations but the excavations revealed the presence of a number of ditches and remains of a Roman road including both the lower gravel layers and the top surface. The site is not on what is currently believed to be the line of Stane Street so is it a 'new' road or will it cause a rethink about the location of Stane Street?

The most interesting item found is a Roman sarcophagus. This was on the edge of the road and very close to the outline of a building with deep chalk foundations thought to be a mausoleum. The sarcophagus is very similar to one found in Smithfield and has been removed complete with the contents left in situ for later excavation and analysis. The contents of this will be revealed later in the year. The talk concluded with pictures of some of the small finds from the site, including coins, bone hairpins and a bracelet.


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