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The Wandsworth Historian - Back Issues

Back Issues

Back issues (from 76) of the Wandsworth Historian, as listed below, are available from the Editor.

For earlier  issues, please contact the Wandsworth Heritage Service at Battersea Library.

We have recently produced a searchable Index of all our published articles from 1955-2015.

We have also made available on DVD all articles from the Wandsworth Historian, 1971-2015. Click here for more details.

These recent issues contain articles on the following subjects:

Issue 108 Autumn 2019
Edwardian music hall memories
The payment of Wandsworth's mill tithes
The Henry Fourdrinier family portrait.

Issue 107 Spring 2019
Alfred Dryden, a Putney worthy
When Queen Mary was injured in Wandsworth
The Clapham Junction railway crash of 1892.

Issue 106 Autumn 2018
The curious tale of Wandsworth's motorways
Grace Fanner, prominent headmistress and educationalist
Arthur Crotch, a noteworthy Putney historian.

Issue 105 Spring 2018
Growing up in Edwardian Southfields
The Anglo-Boer War memorial in Tooting
'Stoney Jack' the antiquarian.

Issue 104 Autumn 2017
Henry Samuel Simmonds, pioneer Battersea historian
Douglas Jerrold, Henry Mayhew and Putney Common
The 1917 air raid on Tooting.

Issue 103 Spring 2017
The Australian war graves in Wandsworth Cemetery
Wandsworth and the Spanish Civil War
Putney Old Burial Ground.

Issue 102 Autumn 2016
Battersea whisky: the story of the distillery at Latchmere
Battling Irish bureaucracy from Putney
The Black family in the Wandsworth area.

Issue 101 Spring 2016
Five remarkable lives at the 3rd London General Military Hospital on Wandsworth Common
Thomas Atkinson, Battersea's forgotten labour activist
Chemist shop changes in Wandsworth
Copper smelting in seventeenth-century Putney.

Issue 100 Autumn 2015
The Old One Hundredth
The Putney Builder, W R Williams
The Location of Gibbefeld
John Burns's Birthplace.

Issue 99 Spring 2015
Suburban Pioneers: Westhorpe Street in Putney, 1900-11
A Battersea School Prize from the 1870s
The Wandsworth Historian production story since 1971.

Issue 98 Autumn 2014
Walter the Vinedresser and the Wandsworth Manors of Downe and Dunsford
The Chelsea Artist on the Wandsworth Salient
Angry Victorian Ratepayers.

Issue 97 Spring 2014
The Caius Mission Swimming Tragedy of 1912
1960s Traffic Changes to Central Wandsworth
The City Steam Packet Company in Battersea.

Issue 96 Autumn 2013 (celebrating our Diamond Jubilee)
The Story of Wandsworth's Meritocrats
The Watermans Chest of Putney
Youthful Times in 1930s Battersea
A reproduction of the "The London Argus" from April 30, 1898 containing an article on Wandsworth's history as it was seen in 1898.

Issue 95 Spring 2013
George Gissing and Battersea: Fiction and Fact
Wandsworth and the First Detectives
J G Taylor, Our Man of Batersey.

Issue 94 Autumn 2012
The Usk Road V2 Incident, 1945
Fifty Years of Archaeology in Wandsworth
Voltairs's Home in Wandsworth.

Issue 93 Spring 2012
"The Arab Boy", Henry Scarth & Yusef Sirrie
The Livelihood of Henry Smith the Undertaker
Spy Fever in Wandsworth, 1914.

Issue 92 Autumn 2011
Harold Buchanan Ryley, Emanual School's Gallant Headmaster *
Domesday Wandsworth: its Population and Tools
Alessandro Biucchi, Battersea Confectioner from Italian Switzerland.

* Please click on his name for a longer version of the article on Harold Buchanan Ryley.

Issue 91 Spring 2011
A J Dawson, Novelist from Wandsworth
Domesday Wandsworth and St Wandrille
The Wandsworth Historian at 40
John Burns, Progenitor of Town Planning
Memories of the Thames in the Thirties & Forties
Nick Fuentes, a Major Player in London's Archaeology.

Issue 90 Autumn 2010
Jesse Rust and his Son, Vitreous Mosaic Manufacturers of Battersea *
Industrial Wandsworth in the Late Seventeenth Century
The Mysterious Smithwood Close Oak Tree
The Wonders of Frame Food
The Arding & Hobbs Great Fire

* Full versions of the Jesse Rust article can be downloaded here: 
Word  (50kb)               Pdf (Illustrated - 1.7mb)

Issue 89 Spring 2010
The Wandsworth Borough News in Retrospect
Wandsworth, Putney and Wimbledon: the Battersea Bounds West of the Wandle
A Battersea Childhood
The Royal Masonic Institution for Girls: 1852-1934.

Issue 88 Autumn 2009
The Case of the Discarded War Memorial
Challenging the Perceptions of Putney in Wartime
When Wandsworth Said Farewell to its Trams
Charles Haddon Spurgeon and 'Helensburgh House'.

Issue 87 Spring 2009
The Shrubbery, Lavender Gardens
C J Stewart's - Master Butchers of Putney
Royal Beasts in Tooting
Anglo-Saxon Battersea & Wandsworth - as Viewed from Clapham

For Keith Bailey's full paper on 'The Boundaries of Anglo-Saxon Clapham', please select one of the following:
Bailey Word  (51kb)               Bailey Pdf  (52kb)

Issue 86 Autumn 2008
Clapham Junction Swallows a Street
The Cinderella Dance Club Bombing of 1943 - A Survivor's Account
Memories of Edward Foster VC
Rose Tones - Projectile Factory War Worker.

Issue 85 Autumn 2007
Longhedge Farm, Battersea
Freemasonry and Other Mutual Organisations in Battersea and Wandsworth
The 'Home Farm' of Allfarthing in the 14th Century
Dorman Long's Nine Elms Steelworks, 1941-44.

Issue 84 Spring 2006
The Nicholas Lane Family Dynasty
The Old Battersea RC School for Boys
Using Valuation Office Records for House History
The Living Story of Corporal Foster's Bravery.

Issue 83 Autumn 2006
The Old Battersea RC School for Girls
The Wandsworth Novel of May Sinclair
Tooting Bec Lido at 100
John Toland and Teakettle Court, Putney.

Issue 82 Spring 2006
WWII Air Raid Casualties in Battersea and Wandsworth
The Shakespeare Theatre, Battersea
'Southlands' , Battersea High Street - a Myth Interpreted.

Issue 81 Autumn 2005
Patrick Loobey 1947-2005
Wandgas Coliers in WWII
From Balham to Battlefield 1808-09
An Early Medieval Vineyard in Wandsworth
Craig's Gigantic Telescope - a Long Forgotten Description.

Issue 80 Spring 2005
The Latchmere Estate - the Story Behind its Street Names
39-41 Wandsworth Common North Side
Punch goes riding in Battersea Park
Battersea Fields before the Bricks and Mortar.

Issue 79 Autumn 2004
Arnold Bennett and Putney
Childhood Recollections of Earlsfield
The Early History of a House in Southfields
The Ratepayer's Burden a Hundred Years Ago.

Issue 78 Spring 2004
Local Armed Volunteers Against Napoleon
Allfarthing's Missing Manorial Lords
The Balham Hoard
Winston Churchill - our Part in his Downfall.

Issue 77 Autumn 2003 (WHS Golden Jubilee Issue)
Before it's too Late - the Foundation of the WHS
The Ponton Estate at Nine Elms 1860-1890
Two Houses in Old Wandsworth
Patriotic Spirit in Battersea
The French Church at Wandsworth.

Issue 76 Spring 2003
Glove Making in Battersea
Archaeological Discoveries at Putney Wharf
The Heyday of Morgan Crucible
Evershed - an Old Wandsworth Family.

____________________________ Older Issues ______________________________
Issue 75 Autumn 2002
Thomas Cromwell 1485 - 1540: first Lord Cromwell and Earl of Essex
Boyhood Memories of Putney Town
The Case of the Careless Battersea Gardener
Mark Bell and Batterseas's Distillery
Morrison's Brickfield and its Successors.

Issue 74 Autumn 2001
William Freeman - Hero of Balaclava
Thomas Noone Talfourd: Writer, Critic, Politician and Judge
Archaeological Excavations at 76-80 Upper Tooting Road, London Borough of Wandsworth
The Anglo-Saxon Boundaries of Wandsworth: Some Comments.

Issue 73 Spring 2001
Some Names of Wandsworth Medieval Peasants
Murder on Battersea Bridge
The Battersea Estates of Frederick Haines
The Lantern.

Issue 72 Autumn 2000
John Temple Leader (1810 - 1903)
A Battersea Victorian Railwayman of Repute
The Perambulation of Wandsworth Parish Boundaries in 1788 - Part 2.

Issue 71 Spring 2000
Beaufoy, Burns and Booth: The Beaufoy Estate in 1889
Thames-side Sugar Houses
The Perambulation of Wandsworth Parish Boundaries in 1788 - Part 1.

Issue 70 Autumn 1999
The Moated Site of Bente and the Loat Chapel ot Tooting Bec
The Niphan Factory at Southfields
Nicholas Maudit in Medieval Wandsworth
Wandsworth's watermills to 1700
Disraeli Gardens, Putney.

Issue 69 Summer 1998 (actually delivered May 2001)
The Kings Head, Roehampton
A Literary View of Putney Bridge
Charles Booth in Battersea
A 'New' set of Saxon Bounds for Wandsworth.

Issue 68 Autumn 1997
The Beaufoys in Battersea: Part 3
The Porter Family: Lords of Allfarthing Manor
Putney's Tithe Barn
A Southfields Dairyman and Policeman.

Issue 67 Spring 1995
Waltham Abbey and Battersea
Putney Property Holders in 1787
St Patrick of Battersea?
Meeting Place of the Brixton Hundred
Thomas Temple Vicar of Battersea
The Founding of The Telegraph Inn.

Issue 66 Autumn 1994
Private Education in Putney during the last Hundred Years: a survey
A Greek Trireme in Putney
Roe Bridge. Mitcham Lane
The Emperor Claudius comes to Putney
Susanna Powell, a widow in Wandsworth in Jacobean times
Further notes on the Origins of St Patrick.

Issue 65 Winter 1992
The Place-Name 'Totterdown'
Putney on a Postcard
The River Wandle in 1633
The 1642 Bridge of Boats
Jeam Baptista Muller
Beaduric and Battersea.